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Insert Page Break in Excel 2010

Page Breaks

If you don’t want a row to print on a page by itself or you don't want a table header row to be the last line on a page. MS Excel gives you precise control over page breaks.

MS Excel handles page breaks automatically, but sometimes you may want to force a page break either a vertical or a horizontal one. so that the report prints the way you want.

For example, if your worksheet consists of several distinct sections, you may want to print each section on a separate sheet of paper.

Inserting Page Breaks

Insert Horizontal Page Break − For example, if you want row 14 to be the first row of a new page, select cell A14. Then choose Page Layout » Page Setup Group » Breaks » Insert Page Break.

Insert Horizontal Page Break

Insert vertical Page break − In this case, make sure to place the pointer in row 1. Choose Page Layout » Page Setup » Breaks » Insert Page Break to create the page break.

Insert Vertical Page Break

Removing Page Breaks

  • Remove a page break you’ve added − Move the cell pointer to the first row beneath the manual page break and then choose Page Layout » Page Setup » Breaks » Remove Page Break.

  • Remove all manual page breaks − Choose Page Layout » Page Setup » Breaks » Reset All Page Breaks.

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