Bootstrap - Heroes Demo

What is a heroes?

A heroes in Bootstrap is a large, full-width container use to represents images, a title, a brief description, buttons, and more. They make your homepage look better and give clear instructions on what visitors should do next.

Some of the examples of the heroes are as follows.

Example Description Download link
Centered hero This example shows the hero section at the center positions. Download
Centered screenshot This example shows a centered screenshot within a hero section on a webpage. Download
Responsive left-aligned hero with an image This example shows a left-aligned hero section with an image. Download
Border hero with cropped and shadows image This example shows a hero section with a bordered and shadowed image on one side and text content on the other. Download
Vertically centered heroes with form This example shows a vertically centered hero section with a form. Download
Dark color hero This example shows a dark colored hero section for a website. Download
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