Bootstrap - Carousel RTL demo


  • RTL stands for "Right-to-Left," and it refers to a writing direction.

  • Some of the languages include Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu.

  • In RTL writing systems, text and content are read from right to left, opposite to the usual left-to-right direction used in languages like English.

Refer the page RTL, to know more about it.

What is a carousel?

A carousel in bootstrap is a slideshow component that allows users to display multiple images, videos, or other types of content in a looping sequence. It is a responsive and dynamic component that can be easily customized.

Bootstrap provides a set of classes that can be used to create a carousel component and customize it.

Carousel feature can also be utilized in RTL direction.

Two main classes for adding carousel are:

class description
.carousel This class sets up the basic structure of the carousel
.carousel-item This class is used to define the individual slides within the carousel

Optional classes to customize the slides in a carousel are:

class description
.slide Adds a sliding animation to the carousel
.active Defines the initial active slide
.carousel-indicators Adds navigation indicators to the bottom of the carousel
.carousel-control-prev and carousel-control-next Adds left and right arrow buttons to the carousel for manual navigation
.carousel-caption Adds a caption or description to each slide in the carousel

Some of the examples of the carousels are as follows:

Example Description Download link
Basic carousel This example shows a basic carousel. Download
Carousel with indicators This example shows a carousel with indicators. Download
Carousel with captions This example shows a carousel with captions. Download
Animated carousel This example shows a carousel with animation. Download
Carousel with time interval This example shows a carousel with time interval. Download
Autoplay carousel This example shows an autoplay carousel. Download
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